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Co2 - Trent Edwards, Colton Edwards

2nd Place Senior Duo/Trio
Appolonia Leake Dance Company
Nuvo Pittsburgh 2018

Music: Ten Miles High - Roisin Murphy

Trent Edwards - Casablanca

DJ’s Pick
2nd Place Senior Solo (tie)
Appolonia Leake Dance Company
Nuvo Pittsburgh 2018

Alison Taylor - The Hunting
5th Place Senior Solo (tie)
Dance Mechanics
24Seven Chicago 2018

Top Secondary Solo 9-11

  • 10th Place - Ariana Carr-Raskin, “Angel Down”, Gotta Dance Academy

Miss Junior Dance

  • 5th Runner-Up - Ariana Carr-Raskin, “Angel Down”, Gotta Dance Academy


Senior Solos:

1st Olivia Tarchick - ELITE DANCE BY DAMIAN DJP

1st Alexia Fouch - THE FORCE DJP

2nd Danielle Kotch - PREMIER DIVISION DJP

2nd Trent Edwards - APPOLONIA LEAKE DJP

3rd Olivia Burke - TAWN MARIES DJP

4th Marissa Ferm - SPEZIO’S DJP

5th Maria Rosenberg - WEXFORD

6th Megan Tavares - KEEGAN

7th Colton Edwards - APPOLONIA LEAKE

7th Macy Minear - EVOLVE

7th Kara Ingold - ULTIMATE DANCE

8th Maria Jacoby - DARYL JERVIS

9th Gianna Militello - SPEZIO’S

10th Grace Hochberg - DAWN CRAFTON

Senior Groups:

1st Elite Dance by Damian - Throb DJP

2nd Elite Dance by Damian - Set Sail! DJP

3rd Evolve Dance Complex - Brother

Senior Lines:

1st 267 Ludovici Dance Academy - Silent Film: The Key


Teen Solos:

1st Angelina Lenzer - MJ DANCE

2nd Nicole Konides - ENCORE


4th Sophia Mercurio - DANCE TRAINING CENTER

4th Catherine Little - DAWN CRAFTON

5th kate jambes dance force

5th Aydin Boone-Long - ELITE DANCE BY DAMIAN

5th Ciara Mikula - EVOLVE

6th Brooke Melillo - SARAH KENNEDY

6th Brooke Kosinski - DANCE MECHANICS

6th Grace Nusall - SPEZIO’S

6th Jessa Kinter - EVOLVE

7th Olivia Massari - ULTIMATE DANCE

8th Rueben Brock - SYNERGY

8th Abbey Barron - DANCER&rsqu o;S STUDIO

8th Avery Earle - VIVA DANCE CO

9th Maya Regule - JAMIE’S

9th Marissa Furfaro - THOMAS

10th Julianne Doner - VIVA DANCE CO

10th Chelsea Bailey - ON YOUR TOES

10th Tessa Miracle - 8 COUNT

Teen Duo/Trios:

1st Jamie’s Dance Force - Going Away Smiling

2nd Dance Training Center - White Blood

3rd Jamie’s Dance Force - Levels

Senior Duo/Trios:

1st Elite Dance by Damian - Severed Ties DJP

2nd Appolonia Leake Dance Company - Co2

3rd Spezio’s Dance Dynamics - Humans

3rd Jamie’s Dance Force - Rhythm

Junior Breakout Artist

  • Winner - Ava Hales, ALDC

Senior Breakout Artist

  • Runner-Up - Colton Edwards, ALDC
  • Runner-Up - Trent Edwards, ALDC

Standout in Musical Theatre

  • Brooke Kosinski, Dance Mechanics

Standout in Tap

  • Alaina Scabora, ALDC

Standout in Jazz

  • Ella Acquafondata, Dance Mechanics
  • Jessa Kinter, Evolve Dance Complex


Nubie Solos:

1st Abigail Clawson - SANDRA LYNN’S

2nd Devyn Scherff - STUDIO 19

3rd Avery Henderhan - ELITE LEGENDS

4th Mackenzie Cole - SANDRA LYNN’S

Mini Solos:

1st Cameron Voorhees - EVOLVE DJP

1st Sarina Porreca - FOR DANCERS ONLY DJP

2nd Elyse Wingertsahn - EVOLVE DJP

3rd Willow Phillips - EVOLVE

3rd Audrey Mayernik - EVOLVE

4th Sarah Georgiana - STUDIO 19

5th Stella Morris - CENTRE DANCE

5th Ava Briceland - EPIC DANCE

6th Tristan Gerzon - TDZ

7th Camryn Lanigan - JENN IFER LEIGH’S

8th Madison Gent - JANET’S

8th Joelle Cherry - CENTER STAGE

8th Brooke Robinson - ON YOUR TOES

8th Adison Lenox - EPIC DANCE

8th Jeralynn Rudiak - EPIC DANCE

9th Sophia Dorris - EPIC DANCE



Junior Solos:

1st Ying Lei Pham - JOB DJP

2nd Eliza Farr - EVOLVE DJP

3rd Emersyn Garvin - EVOLVE

4th Sophia Geraldo - STARS

4th Kendal Cordon - JAMIE’S

4th Britton Johnson - VIVA DANCE CO

5th Samantha DeFabio - EVOLVE

5th Atticus Hillebrand - EVOLVE

6th Piper Panek - TAYLOR & COMPANY

6th Hayley Wilson - RENNER


8th Isabella Porreca - FOR DANCERS ONLY

8th Emma Middleton - VIVA DANCE CO

8th Allie Kemling - ELITE DANCE BY DAMIAN

8th Ava Lengyel - JAMIE’ S

9th Kayla Wooster - EVOLVE

9th Mia Basile - EVOLVE

9th Ashlinn Berger - THOMAS

10th Ava Miller - FORMATIONS


10th Summer Kaczynski - APPOLONIA LEAKE

Pro Reveler Scholarship

  • Senior - Brianna Deklever
  • Teen - Brooke Kosinski

Revel Full Scholarship

  • Teen - Jessa Kinter, Evolve Dance Complex
  • Teen - Sydney Nolan

Revel Half Scholarship

  • Teen - Jillian Butchki
  • Junior - Laney Bender
  • Junior - Elyse Wingertsahn, Evolve Dance Complex

Revel Solo Entry Scholarship

  • Junior - Jocie Slesinski

Movement Talent Agency Scholarship

  • Elyse Wingertsahn, Evolve Dance Complex

Clear Talent Group Scholarship

  • Brianna Deklever

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dancemechanics The BEST way to start off the year! Congrats girls on an awesome day at @reveldanceconvention ! ProRevelers | Brooke & Bri, Scholarship | Jill, Sidney, Laney, and Jocie! Thank you #RevelDance!